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14th Macnet Newsletter – The 9th WG-Safety Seminar

Mac-Net held the 9th WG-Safety Seminar with vessel digitalization agenda and had discussed about the strengthen the competitiveness of the modern fisheries structure.
1. The 9th WG-Safety Seminar
  • Agenda | Vessel Digitization
9th WG safety seminar
9th WG safety seminar

Subject 1 | Current Situations and issues regarding digital vessels
(Gu Byeongcheol, senior engineer of the international affairs team of KR)

Subject 2 | Legislative issues regarding unmanned vessels
(Lee Sangil, professor of Korea Maritime and Ocean University)

Subject 3 | Current situations and issues regarding the cyber safety
(Kim Juntae, senior engineer of the KR ICT Center)

Date / Venue | Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 16:30 Korea Maritime Institute(KMI)
Attendees | Busan Metropolitan City, EUSU: Ship Management, Korea Maritime and Ocean University, Korea Maritime Institute(KMI), Hyundai Ocean Service, POS SM, SK Shipping, Korea Register(KR)

2. The 1st WG-Fisheries Structure Seminar

Agenda | This Seminar is to identify the issues to strengthen the competitiveness of the modern fisheries structure.

Subject 1 | The role of artificial reefs in the fisheries resource development project
(Seo Sungho, head of the resource creation department of the Korea FIRA)

 Subject 2 | Installing floating fish cages by using copper
(Cha Bongjin, chief researcher of the fisheries engineering department of the NIFS)

Subject 3 | Features of the ocean wind waves (external forces) for the design / arrangement of the fisheries facilities
(Yoon Hansam, professor of the ecological engineering department of Pukyong National University)

Date / Venue | Friday, April 21, 2017 at 16:00 Pukyong National Univercity
Attendees | Korea Fisheries Resources Agency(FIRA), National Institute of Fisheries Science(NIFS), Pukyong National University, Korea Maritime Institute(KMI), Research Institute of Medium & Small Shipbuilding(RIMS), Korea Register(KR)

3. The 2nd WG-InP(Industrial Policy) Workshop
The 2nd WG-InP(Industrial Policy) Workshop
The 2nd WG-InP(Industrial Policy) Workshop

Agenda | This industrial policy section for the ECO 2030 future-ship strategy (To identify the policies for the coexistence of the shipping and shipbuilding industries – series 1).

Subject 1 | Possibilities of new business models in the shipping industry
(Nam Youngju, former Qingdao branch manager of Hanjin Shipping)

 Subject 2 | New countermeasures of Hyundai Merchant Marine
(Lee Sangsik, head of the container planning division of Hyundai Merchant Marine)

Date / Venue | Friday, April 28, 2017 at 15:00, Korea Shipowners’ Association building in Seoul
Attendees | 13 organizations, including Sungkyul University, Hanjin Shipping, Hyundai Merchant Marine, Incheon National University, The Korean Association of Shipping and Logistics, Pai Chai University, Gang neung-Wonju National University, Woosong University, Chungnam National University, Pusan National University, Korea Shipping Association, Korea Shipowners’ Association, and Korea Register(KR)

4. Signing the MOU between Silla University & Mac-Net (34th organization)

Date / Venue | Friday, April 21, 2017 at 11:30, Chancellor’s office at Silla Univercity
Silla Univercity and Mac-Net (Maritime Cluster Network) will conclude the MOU and contribute to the continuous development and advancement of the Korean maritime industries through mutual cooperation.

– This MOU with Silla University will be the 24th MOU of Mac-NET.

– A new WG-LNG tech group leader will be appointed (Hong Sungho, Professor of Silla University).


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