Alfa Laval ‘first with a revised G8 certificate’

Alfa Laval has become the first ballast water management system maker to gain type-approval under IMO’s revised G8 testing procedures. In a statement yesterday (6 February) Alfa Laval revealed that its PureBallast 3 was issued with its certificate on 2 February by class society DNV GL, acting on behalf of the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

Its statement recalled that systems approved under the former guidelines can still be installed until 2020, so “there is no immediate need to purchase a system with revised G8 compliance.” It said that its decision to conduct tests against the new requirements was based on “customer concerns” as well as legislative developments.

In particular, it referred to organisations such as the International Chamber of Shipping” which “have pushed for the revised G8 guidelines, seeking to make certain that the industry’s massive investments in ballast water treatment will achieve the intended results – instead of merely adding hardware.”

Alfa Laval described the revised guidelines as being robust and “more in line with today’s stringent US Coast Guard requirements.” It explained that the changes to G8 were made because “some systems that were type-approved according to the original G8 guidelines have failed to meet the D-2 performance standard when subjected to additional tests or evaluation.”

Tests with marine, brackish and fresh water were completed in Q3 2017, along with additional tests to verify the independence of results from water temperature, Alfa Laval’s statement said. Its equipment required just a single sensor added to the PureBallast 3 hardware and no changes to its power consumption or flow. No upgrades of previously installed systems will be necessary, it said.

The Original Posted by Paul Gunton/Ballast Water Treatment Technology