Cause of Rust on the Surface Painted

Steel products easily get rusted unless it’s stainless steel. There is many efforts to prevent rusting for example painting, varnishing, or rust transforming for the rust already have. Most of all, it would be better not to have the products rusted. However, sometimes we can find wave mark rust on surface after we applied anti-rust materials. It’s normally caused by moisture in the materials. In case of accidental water drop in paint and then we use it for the products, we can’t know until the rust happens but we can find the wave mark rust when it’s dried. Also, steel product itself includes moisture. We can’t see this kind of rust from hot-finished pipes because they are varnished right after hot-finish process. But pressure vessels are always exposed weather. So, it’s recommendable to apply anti-rust materials in good weather or dry first.

rust on the surface
Rust by moisture