Corrosion, and Painting Failure

The purpose of painting is to prevent corrosion from moisture, acid gas, or other factors. So, we apply varnish coating, galvanizing, or anti-corrosion coating for steel products. However, applying any kind of painting doesn’t guarantee anti-corrosion. On CS structure of CT equipment, we found progressing corrosion. The facilities are installed in the seawater and every steel structure is exposed to it. The design was to use Seawater Protection paint but supplier applied general type of paint. Eventually, seawater permeates into the steel and made corrosion.

Corrosion, and Painting Failure
CS structure of CT equipment on seawater found corrosion


Hear is an example how coating is important and seawater is capable of making corrosion. ‘Z’ company in Germany carried out corrosion tests on their own products, Alkyd resin and Waterborne acrylic emulsion. The results are both Alkyd resin and Waterborne acrylic emulsion were week for seawater. So, it’s very important to choose right material for seawater use.

Corrosion test on coating materials