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DSME Hold the Field LNG Carrier

DSME LNG Carrier

DSME had the advantage in the Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS)’s LNG bidding carrier competition .

KOGAS reported the final bid result for the LNG carrier on the 17th of October. This bidding was essential in deciding the construction and management company of these LNG carriers which will transport shale gas from the Sabine Pass port in the U.S.A. to Korea. KOGAS has a plan to build a total of six new LNG carriers.

DSME was chosen as the construction contractor for building these four initial LNG carriers. Two LNG carriers will be managed by Hyundai LNG while the other two will be managed by KLC.

In this competition, DSME received a high score because of the HiVAR-FGSS and PRS system.

HiVAR-FGSS is a fuel supply system developed by DSME. It supplies high pressure natural gas to the engine from the fuel tank. The Partial Re-liquefaction System (PRS) has reduced the cost of vessel maintenance by utilizing vaporized LNG gas in the cargo hold as a refrigerant, thereby making the need for additional power sources and refrigerant compressors unnecessary.

Additionally, these two systems have been praised as one of the top 10 technologies of 2014 by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies. DSME applied for 200 patents related to HiVAR-FGSS in Korea and overseas, of which 44 were approved as of October. Five of the 38 PRS patents applied for in Korea and overseas have been approved as well.

These four LNG carriers will be serviced to transport an annual 2.8 million tons of shale gas from the U.S.A. to Korea beginning in 2017.