Excessive Lubricant on Surface and Its Result Caused by.

Lubricant is being used to reduce heat and friction during production in steel business area. It prevents deformation by reducing heat and friction. However, using excessive lubricant especially remained on the surface of products can cause serious problem. Welding is one of very common method to assemble or install steel products at job site. And welding needs high temperature flame. Most of lubricant includes a volatile solvent. This material is very sensitive to flame like gasoline.

While we were welding for a heat exchanger, for example, there was excessive remained lubricant on surface of fin tubes. And it wasn’t remove perfectly. A welder started welding and sparks were spreading at every where. And suddenly fire was caused by flame and sparks from welding machine.

The heat exchanger was a small size however, we can find this kind of accident on large size products or more bigger. It means that we could face disaster not a small accident. Once lubricant is used, it must be removed or dried. Normally lubricant has some period of use. And after use period, mostly it disappears. But using excessive lubricant remains it for over period.

Excessive Lubricant