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Explore Global natural gas-processing analysis report, 2013-2017

The industry is witnessing rapid growth in certain areas across regions worldwide, mostly driven by local and regional factors. In North America, for example, rapid development of liquids-rich shale plays is driving the construction of new natural-gas-processing plants and fractionation units, along with the development of new pipelines.

Natural Gas-Processing Outlook 2013-2017 Most Capacity Growth Will Come from the EMEA is the latest report from GlobalData, the industry analysis specialist, covering information and analysis of the global natural-gas-processing industry.

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In the Middle East, major natural-gas-rich countries such as Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar plan to build new natural gas-processing plants to increase their gas production. In Europe, Russia is continuing to build new gas-processing capacity to bring new gas fields online. In Asia-Pacific, Turkmenistan plans to build new gas-processing plants to translate its rapid gas reserve growth into gas production, as has gradually improved access to new markets for its gas exports.