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Incheon City to Export Smart City Platform

Smart City Platform
U-City Management Center of the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) Authority.

The Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) Authority announced on November 9 that its platform for smart city model development is exported to Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and India next year. The IFEZ Authority acquired copyrights in March this year and patent rights in June this year to sell the smart city platform it developed both at home and abroad.

The IFEZ Authority’s smart city platform is characterized by the U-City Management Center based on advanced ubiquitous technology and in operation around the clock providing a variety of remote public services covering transportation, crime and disaster prevention, environmental management, facility management, etc.

Approximately 70 Vietnamese government officials recently visited the IFEZ Authority to learn about Incheon City’s urban development and smart city development models. The IFEZ Authority has sent some technical working group members to the six Vietnamese cities and provinces including Ho Chi Minh, too.

The smart city platform scheduled to be exported to India includes an environmental monitoring system utilizing drones. Saudi Arabian government officials, in the meantime, visited the Songdo International Business District in May this year to discuss the adoption of the platform with the IFEZ Authority. According to the authority, its urban development experience, models and know-how are expected to be incorporated into the Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure development projects in 285 different regions.

It is Ecuador that imported the authority’s smart city platform for the first time abroad. It was exported to the Latin American country five years ago for US$9.71 million. The U-City Management Center, opened in February 2014 in the G Tower located in the Songdo International Business District, has been visited by state guests, government officials and entrepreneurs from more than 70 countries so far. Those include the Presidents of Egypt, Costa Rica and Myanmar, the Minister of Economy & Planning of Saudi Arabia and the Vice Minister of Environment & Water Resources of Singapore.

The Original Posted by Jung Suk-yee/Business Korea