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Judges Are the Happiest at Work

JudgesJudges are most satisfied with their job, a survey says. The poll of 19,127 people in 621 occupations was conducted by the Korea Employment Information Service.

Job satisfaction scores were compiled based on the points on a scale of 1 to 5 by about 30 people in each job, covering potential for professional development, salary, occupational continuity, working environment and social reputation.

Judges scored high in most categories. Maritime pilots who maneuver ships in and out of port came second. They earn W120 million a year on average (US$1=W1,113).

Education or research jobs take up the largest proportion among the top 20 rankings — university presidents or college deans, elementary school principals, teachers, professors, physics researchers and geology researchers.

Others in the top 20 were electrical inspectors, nuclear engineers, lawyers or patent attorneys and pilots

Kim Han-jun of the KEIS said, “Generally, those earning a high income based on professional skills and with high job security are most satisfied with their jobs.”

Many in education jobs want their children to follow in their footsteps.

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