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We, Jung Min Metal Co.,Ltd, established as Stainless Steel Coil special supplier on 1997 and try to supply to meet customer’s demand products & service as excellent quality, competitive price and quick delivery.

We have been supplying to domestic user primary operated Stainless Steel Coil after up small size Slitter on 2002 and Middle size of Slitter on 2004. For more created add value, we installed stainless steel pipe welding line in the factory and supplying various Logistic Racking System Material to the end user. On 2010, the second beginning of the company, our company was changed to production factory distribution company.

Especially, we certified ISO9001 for the quality improvement and obtain various certification such as, Research & Development Dept., Innovation Small and Middle Enterprise, Part & Materials specialized Enterprise and special Slitting company after established sister-company (JM Tech)
Also start exporting various Logistic Racking System Materials and Stainless steel Pipes to abrad after set of PNJ Division.

Now and forever, we, Jung Min Metal Co., Ltd, try to meet customer’s demand and on time delivery as competitive price with high quality.


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