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Minimum Required Documentation for Supplying Materials

Building plant requires a lot of paper works such as QCP, ITP, Manufacturing Procedure, Sub-vendor list, Mechanical Book, Installation Manual, Quality Assurance Record, MTC and so on. Due to the reason, some suppliers are having difficulties especially for start new companies. Each document has specific purpose of use, for example ITP(Inspection Test Plan) is to check inspection plan how, what and when we check during inspection. All documents must be submitted on each stage of production and confirmed by end user in advance. If we do not submit the documents on time, it could impact production lead time. Then you will face a big problem like delay or penalty. So, I hope this would be a small help to understand what kind documents we must prepare for participate in plant projects.

Material Requisition: This is the list of materials to be used for plant construction. Normally, suppliers make an offer based on the list. It’s including basic information of materials, such as standard, dimensional information, quantity etc.

QCP(Quality Control Plan): Standards related to specific item to produce is mentioned in the documents. For example, ASTM A106 grade B seamless pipes are following ASTM A530 for general requirements, E213 for Ultrasonic Examination, E309 for Eddy Current Examination etc. All necessary standards must be included and Quality Department must follow the document to manage production.

ITP(Inspection Test Plan): This is a sort of abridged version of QCP. There is a sequence to check each point of test plain, what, how, which and when. For example dimension, 1)what we check for dimension → outer diameter 100mm, thickness 2.5mm length 11800mm, 2)how we check → acc. to tolerance indicated by stadnard, 3) which point we should check → both ends and the middle, 4) when we check → at final stage. Details could be changed if end user want to delete or put any contents.

MTC(Mill Test Certificate): Every material has MTC. Manufacturer carries out tests required by standards and they put in the results in the document, Mill Test Certificate. It’s including Chemical Composition, Mechanical Test Results, Dimensional Information, HYD Test Results, NDE Results etc. And QC manager must sign on it and confirm. Recently most of factories are using QR code or Bar code so that anyone can trace the document to prevent forged documents.

Manufacturing Procedure: Literally it’s including production procedure. It mentions the name of each step of production and explain what kind of work happening on each stage.

Installation Book: This document explains how to install the materials supplied at job site. However, mostly it’s used for equipment or machine.

Data Book: A filed book including all documents mentioned above also contact, shipping documents etc. After supplier submit it to end user, must have an approval on it.

Those seven names are the most what we face while we are doing business. Surely it’s more complicated and there is much more documentations however if you are aware of those, it would be much more easier to understand your work.