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MokPo National Maritime University installed the SCR System on the SAEYUDAL Training ship

SCR System and Scrubber System on Saeyudal Ship
SCR System and Scrubber System on Saeyudal Ship

Mokpo National Maritime University had represented on 22th that they’ll enforce sea trial, by installing applied system that is added new  technology, SCR System (NOx Reduction Technology) and GAS Scrubber System ( SOx Reduction Technology) on the SAE YU DAL training ship on coming 30th.

 MOU for SCR System and Scrubber System
Contacted MOU for SCR and Scrubber System by KwangSung Co.Ltd and Mokpo National Maritime University

In IMO(International Maritime organization), they are lately controlling the emission of NOx and SOx from the exhaust gas coming out from ships, the system that will be installed has the function that reduces exhaust gas. Having a sea trials after installing the exhaust gas reduce function on MokPo National Maritime University’s SAE YU DAL training ship is evaluated as a big study achievement according to the IMO environment regulation.

The SCR System and Gas Scrubber System that is installed at the SEA YU DAL training ship has a product supported from 2012 for 3 years by Dongnam Institute for Regional Program Evaluation under the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy. KwangSung co., Ltd. is supervised with MokPo National Maritime University, they contracted MOU based on donation for SCR System and Gas Scrubber System last December 2014.

MokPo National Maritime University Choi Min-sun chancellor said ” Throughout this sea trial it was more able to actively adapt at international Marine environment” and also, “we prepared a chance for also interns to personally train the new technology”.

Posting by Ekomeri

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