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Posco to produce & supply high manganese steel to ExxonMobil for slurry pipes

Kwon Oh-joon, chairman of Posco (left), and Tom Schuessler, president of ExxonMobil upstream research, shake hands after signing an agreement on the mass production and supply of high manganese steel for slurry pipes at Posco Center in Seoul on Wednesday.

South Korea’s largest steel maker Posco announced on Wednesday it has agreed to supply commercially developed high manganese steel to U.S. oil company ExxonMobil for slurry pipelines. The piping technology has been co-developed by the two companies over the past five years. 

Posco’s proprietary high manganese steel contains 3 to 27 percent of manganese (Mn), featuring various properties of wear resistance, non-magnetic, high strength/high formability, and excellent cryogenic temperature toughness depending on Mn concentration. 

Slurry pipes require high-level abrasion-resistant properties as they are used to transport coarse oil sand slurries. 

The high manganese steel boasts five times more excellent anti-wear property compared with existing steel materials, and the product becomes sturdier against abrasion over time. This will extend the lifespan of slurry pipes dramatically, according to Posco

ExxonMobil expects to cut costs and increase productivity in oil production with the new slurry pipe steel. 

Posco chairman Kwon Oh-joon on Wednesday proposed Tom Schuessler, president of ExxonMobil upstream research who was visiting to Posco Center in Korea to celebrate the commercial production of new high manganese steel pipes, to deepen cooperation between the two companies to create synergy in various sectors in the oil sand industry using high manganese steel. 

Posco aims to apply its high manganese steel to steel pipes and facilities to transport oil sand slurries and other minerals, heavy machinery for construction and bullet-proof military installations.

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