Safety Instructions For Shipbuilding Workers using Daewoo Air Tools

Daewoo Airtools -wearing-clothingSafety Instructions For Users Of Daewoo Air Tools

Safety first!
In order to use air tools properly and safely,
shoud read carefully and understand this instruction this instruction before operation.
Keep this instruction manual at a best place near the working area for reading and referring before operation.
Be careful not to remove the worning lavels attached at air tools.



• Wear the proper clothing for safe operation (Fig.1)
• Not to wear loose clothing because the RPM of air tools is very high
• Wear a safety cap to cover all of the hairs
• Wear a safety eyeglasses, which should be consisted of an impact proof lens
• Wear a mask for protecting against the dust and particles which are generated during the operation and which are harmful for your health
• Wear an ear protector to reduce the noise and preserve your hearing ability
• Wear a safety shoes
• Take a time for relax when operators are tired
• No touch to the rotatung wheel. (Fig. 1)



• Keep working area clean and be careful not to slip by the oil or something like that
• Keep out flammable or explosive liquids or gaseous, they cause to fire by the spark generated during operation
• Do not operate in the explosive atmosphere which is likely to blow up
• According to the operating condition, noise or vibration is generated.
Be sure that it conforms all the local regulations
• When the working place is changed, move after stopping operation and disconnecting with the hoes



• Keep air tools clean and safely after using them
• When air tools need repair, air tools should be checked by the manufacturer or the licensed agent, Repairing by the operator causes of failure and serious damage to the operator
• When replace parts, should use the approved parts by the manufacturer. Other parts cause of failure and serious damage to the operator and the machine
• When need any special tools for dis- or re-assembly of air tools, inquire to the licensed agent or manufacturer
• Vent the pressurized air out for purification from the air tank everyday and mount air filter at the tank inlet against the acidify process in inner parts and the abrasion by the high RPM
• Do not use improper or broken hoses or connectors



• Be sure that the air pressure is supplied at the rate pressure
• Be sure that materials are tighten up before operation. If not, grinders would be broken by the vibration and it is very dangerous
• When attach the accessories at the tools, check the attached state. When handle air tools’ parts, be careful not to touch the sharp edge
• Never use a grinder wheel which are too much abrasive, broker, twisted, defective etc. Broken parts of grinder during operation are very dangerous to machines as well as operators
• When replace the grinder wheel, be sure that the air hose is disconnected with the air tool
• Operate in proper and comfortable posture, instable and improper posture would be caused of pain to operators’ hand, foot or waist. Do not add strong shock to air tools and do not drop down or throw away them, which are assembled with precision parts. Strong shock causes of failure by the broken and twisted parts.
• Do not use air tools at the abnormal operation. Be sure that operation is under the air tools’ capacity. Do not use air tools for other purposes except instructed.



• Air tools consist of steel, iron, bronze, aluminium, rubber or some others. Be careful not to contaminate humans or environment when air tools are disposed.

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