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Shipbuilding Sector Working on Standardization of Offshore Plants

Offshore Plants
Korean shipbuilders are reviewing their joint industry project (JIP) for offshore plant standardization.

 The Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association had a meeting in order to review its joint industry project (JIP) for offshore plant standardization that has been underway since last year with the various organizations in the industry including the Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute.

In the first phase last year, DNV GL and ABS JIPs were launched. Recently, these JIPs completed the development of 14 standardization outcomes in relation to the fields of plant structure, piping, etc. These have been shown to ordering organizations in Europe and Huston for feedback.

The second phase started this year in the presence of ordering agencies as well as shipbuilders. The second phase is divided into a bulk material JIP led by the shipbuilders and an equipment JIP led by the ordering agencies. To this end, 13 entities signed a memorandum of understanding for offshore plant standardization in Huston in May this year. The Integrated Offshore Standard Specifications (IOSS) are scheduled to be prepared and applied to future projects.

The bulk material JIP has as its members three South Korean shipbuilders, DNV GL, ABS, BV, Lloyd’s Register, Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association and Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute. Ordering agencies and engineering companies are participating as advisors, too. This JIP is in operation from May to November this year and covers 26 items such as structure and piping.

The equipment JIP’s members consist of oil majors such as Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell, engineering companies like Technip, DNV GL, ABS, BV and Lloyd’s Register. They are working on eight items and shipbuilders are taking part as technical advisors.

The Original Posted by Jung Min-hee/Business Korea