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Surface Transport: Make in India hinges on ‘move in India’

Make in India
Cranes remove payload from a commercial freighter ship docked in Cochin Port in Kerala

For the government’s flagship ‘Make In India’ scheme to have a realistic chance of succeeding, a concomitant plan for improving the surface transport efficiency norms and benchmarking it with global standards could prove to be crucial. The reasons are evident.

* For a ship entering an Indian port, for instance, the average turnaround time — defined as the average time a vessel needs to stay in the port — was a little over two days for the fiscal ended March 2016. In Hong Kong, the average turnaround time, which illustrates the capability of the port to efficiently handle cargo flows at the terminals and measures the difference between time of entrance and time of departure, was less than 10 hours.

Written by Pranav Mukul , Anil Sasi | New Delhi | Published