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Effective solids control can be attributed to the overall performance of all the components of the mud systems. Conditioning the drilling fluid with the goal of dramatically lowering maintenance cost, avoiding excessive chemical treatment and maintaining mud systems volume will decrease the chance of equipment failure, unnecessary high mud costs, hole and drilling problem.

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    Subject: Provision of Mud Products and Mud Enigineering Services “ CAT-A” (Deep Drilling) and CAT-B” (Development Drilling

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    At this moment Kuwait Oil company intends to pre-qualify manufacturers for enlisting them as approved manufacturer for the supply of upcoming tenders for various categories:

    • C-Mud Product & Mud Engineering for Deep Drilling
    • D- Mud Product & Mud Engineering for Development Drilling.
    • A-Cementing & Associated Services for Unconventional Services
    • B-Cementing & Associated Services for Conventional Services

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