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Water utility co over-utilising supply system

AURANGABAD: NCP corporator Kashinath Kokate on Saturday accused the water utility company of operating the lifting line to its full capacity, attributing the severe water scarcity to over-utilisation of the supply system. water utility

Kokate said the dilapidated pipeline was unable to sustain heavy pressure of water but the Aurangabad City Water Utility Company Limited (ACWUCL) was switching on five pumps simultaneously resulting in leakages. He said the company was exerting pressure on the system to meet the growing water demand of the city leading to frequent failures. 

A multi-fold pipeline on the main supply line at Farola pumping station broke down on Friday disrupting the city’s supply. Earlier in December 2014, similar failure had severely paralysed the system for more than three days. 

Kokate said that the company is making attempts to draw more water with the existing set-up. “We have been experiencing shutdowns quite frequently since the company has taken over the water supply system. The company should install a new pipeline to make significant improvements,” he said. 

Against the city’s water demand of about 175 MLD, the existing system can deliver only 125 to 135 MLD of water. In Farola the authorities have installed eight pumps but four are standby. 

“To meet the huge deficit in demand and supply, the company is practicing this for the past two-three months. But it has not shown any significant improvement,” he said. 

For the past three years, residents in all parts of the city are getting tap water once in three days. 

Arnab Ghosh, vice-president (operations) in ACWUCL, denied it and said that the frequent leakages are occurring because of old pipelines. “The company is using only three pumps at a time and technically there will be no increase in water discharge even if we switch on the fourth pump. Besides, there are many other reasons for leakages,” he said. 

Ghosh said that company officials are taking all possible steps to prevent shutdowns. “Today we have decided to check all the air valves that are fitted at various locations on the 45km-long pipeline between the city and the Jayakwadi water reservoir,” he , adding that the malfunctioning of air valves may also cause shutdown. 

Meanwhile, water scarcity continued to haunt citizens in the old city. Residents in Cidco-Hudco also felt the pinch of scarcity.