What is post delivery work ?

Post Delivery Works

KHAN has been provide post delivery work on offshore plant and you will know the process of post delivery work from this post. Furthermore, KHAN has been providing multi-discipline package installation and manufacturing of Onboard items

  • Equipments & System to be installed by Owner/Client – 3rd Party equipments

– Installation equipment / system itself
– Work for interfacing with existing facilities (Electrical signal, Power, Air line, Water line, Etc.)

  • Modification / Upgrade of existing systems by Owner

– Structure
– Piping Line
– System & Equipment

  • Carryover Work & Punch Work handed over from Shipyard to Owner

The process of post delivery work.

Process of post delivery work

If you want to know about KHAN, then you will visit to their website (http://www.khan-offshore.com).

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